Festival Square, Edinburgh
Festival Square, Edinburgh

What is Orienteering Edinburgh?

Orienteering Edinburgh is a new 6 week series of orienteering events all starting at Festival Square, Edinburgh.

Orienteering is an exciting, outdoor sport, where you choose your route between a series of checkpoints, going at whatever pace you want. At an Orienteering Edinburgh event, you get to do an orienteering course. Orienteering Edinburgh courses are designed for complete beginners- you need no orienteering knowledge or experience and our friendly coaches will be on hand to explain everything and help you get started. Regular orienteers are welcome too.

How do I Join in?

The series runs every Thursday for 6 weeks starting 11th May until 15th June. Each week, we will meet at Festival Square near to Brewdog. You can arrive and start at ANY time from 4-6pm. If it’s your first time, we recommend arriving before 5:30pm. Each week, there will be new courses to enjoy. After each session there is the option to meet up in Brewdog for a social. Come along to as many events as you can.

To join, please use the sign up to reserve a map. Using the link below you can sign up for every event in the series. We will have some spare maps so you can also turn up on the day.

How does Orienteering Edinburgh work?

Each week there will be two different course lengths: a short and a long. The short is around 2.5km and long tend to be about 3.5 km. This is the straight line distance between checkpoints. In reality, you will not be running in a straight line, so the length of your run will be slightly longer. For beginners, it should act like interval sessions – you slow down as you figure where you’re going and then speed up towards the next checkpoint. Bring a smartphone with you. Find out more about getting started.

How much does it cost?

It’s only £5, or £3 for students/ juniors. All proceeds go towards running costs of the event.

Do I need to be there every week?

We encourage you to come when you can, whether that be once or every Thursday during the series.

Urban orienteering

Once you’ve come to an event and been shown how it works, you’ll be able to “catch up” on weeks you missed in your own time. The only difference is that the checkpoint markers are not out.

Is the Orienteering Edinburgh series suitable for experienced orienteers?

Yes, Orienteering Edinburgh is also suitable for experienced orienteers. Orienteering Edinburgh is a great way to bring friends or colleagues along to orienteering and help show them what a great sport orienteering is!

Regular orienteers are reminded that parts of Edinburgh remain embargoed because of the World Orienteering Championships happening next summer. The area used for these events is adjacent to the embargoed areas so check them out and avoid them!

Sign up Now!

Sign up now for Orienteering Edinburgh. The takes you to a website called RaceSignUp, where you can register for one or mrore events in the series.

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