Welcome to Orienteering Edinburgh

Orienteering Edinburgh provides a weekly opportunity to escape your desk and get outside and active over lunchtime or after work. It is suitable for newcomers and is located within the city centre, ideal for those working in the nearby offices to get to/from within a lunch hour or on the way home.

What can I expect at an Orienteering Edinburgh event?

Each week, Orienteering Edinburgh provides different routes that take you into the streets, parks and pathways across the city centre. Popular destinations include The Meadows and the very scenic Dean Village. There will be 2 courses of different lengths so you can choose how far you want to go based on your available time and your confidence/health/fitness level. You can also complete the course at whatever pace you like – there is no pressure to run! We encourage those who are trying the sport for the first time to take on the course in a pair or group, so do bring along friends and colleagues.

How do I get involved?

Use the link below to sign up for an event. If it is your first time, just come along on the day and take part for free!! If you need more information, head to What is Orienteering or Contact us.