Scottish Urban League, Proposal

A proposal has been put forward to run a Scottish Urban League in 2012, along the lines of the successful Nopesport Urban League. Nopesport Urban events in Scotland have been very successful but the number of Scots managing to achieve 6 counting runs in the UK league is relatively low due to the travel involved.

The aim of the Scottish Urban League would be to further promote Urban orienteering events in Scotland by bringing together 7 or so suitable Urban events under its umbrella. Andy Paterson (Clyde) has volunteered to coordinate the new league.

Scottish Clubs will be invited to submit events for inclusion in the SUL. Once accepted they will be added to the event list.  Expectation is events would be level C or above initially. Nopesport Urban League events may be included unless otherwise advised by the organiser, unless this is to the detriment of the factors given below. In the event that more than 7 events are submitted, a decision will be made by the organiser in conjunction with the fixtures secretary and competitions convenor to ensure that factors such as potential fixture clashes, quality of competition and geographical spread are taken into account. Priority will be given to events which achieve a suitable junior course (under BOF U-16 guidance) and Saturday events which are geographically combined with a SOL weekend or other signficant event will also be encouraged.

Classes (as per Nopesport Urban League for 2012) ie.

  • M/W16- (with regard to the BOF requirements for under 16’s running in urban areas)
  • Open
  • Vet (40+)
  • Supervet (55+)
  • Ultravet (65+)

Points will be awarded TO MEMBERS OF SCOTTISH CLUBS ENTERED UNDER THOSE CLUBS on each CLASS as follows: 100, 96, 93, 91, 90, 89…  If the last-placed finisher in a given class scores fewer than 10 points, then all scores in that class will be increased by 10 points so that the last-placed finisher scores between 10 and 19 points. So in a race with 87 finishers, the score for last place would be augmented by 10 points from eight to 18 points, and the winner would get 110 points.

  • At any given race, a competitor may score in only one class. Unless specified otherwise beforehand, he (or she) will score in the lowest class for which he is eligible; for example, if W Vet and W Supervet share a course, a W55 would score only as a W Supervet. A competitor who runs a course above that designated for his class will score in the lowest class for which he is eligible, e.g. an M55 running up on a course designated for M Open, W Open and M Veteran would score only as M Veteran. IT MAY BE THAT Only those runners aged 16 & over on the day, are allowed to run the Open class, due to BOF insurance requirments.
  • In a competition with parallel heats and a set of graded finals, points will be awarded from the top of the A final downwards. Anybody not finishing both races will be disregarded.
  • Coordinator reserves the right to amend the scoring system during the year, with the aim of promoting competition or improving fairness in unforeseen circumstances.

Roger Thetford who administers the Nopesport Urban League scoring system has agreed to administer the league scoring software for this league. A local or National BOF number will be required to participate.

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