BTO Urban League 2017

Dates and locations for the 2017 season have been further finalised. As there will (most likely) be 11 events in the series the best 5 results will count for the overall score.

After 5 years of coordinating the SOUL series from its inception in 2012 as a regional offshoot of the NOPESPORT (now UKUL) urban league, current SOUL coordinator Andy Paterson (CLYDE) hands over the reins to Pat Squire (INT). 

  Date Club/Location
1 21st January EUOC – Edinburgh – Part of EUOC’s Big Weekend
2 5th February ESOC – West Edinburgh
3 19th February MOR – Lossiemouth – Scottish Sprint Championships
4 13th May ECKO – Dunstaffnage & Dunbeg
5 19th May ELO – Tranent - Part of Scottish Championships weekend
6 2nd August Sprint Scotland – Ballater – Rest day of the Scottish 6-Day
7 20th August STAG – Cumbernauld
8 10th September FVO - Dunblane
9 23rd September BASOC – Aviemore – part of Highland Wolf Weekend
10 28th October INT – Livingston – Part of INTrepid Weekend
11 12th November TINTO – Biggar

INTrepid weekend 2017

bto SOUL10 & SOL7 - 28 & 29 October

Interlopers are hosting the penultimate race in the Urban League in Livingston and the final Scottish League on Drummond Hill above Loch Tay.

Results are here, including WinSplits and RouteGadget.

bto SOUL

BTO SOUL 8, Dunblane, Sep 10

Round 8 of the Scottish Orienteering Urban League was held in Dunblane which offered a range of terrain types for an urban event covering the Laighills area of parkland, the streets of central Dunblane and the suburbs with many interconnecting pathways.

Results for the main event and the ChairO are on the FVO website with a comment from the controller explaining about the removal of two legs from the results for courses 2,4 & 6.

BTO SOUL 7, Cumbernauld, Aug 20

STAG welcomed you back to the Urban delights of Cumbernauld. Based at Cumbernauld Theatre, located itself within Cumbernauld Park, Courses 1 > 5 were mostly Urban based whereas Courses 6 & 7 were located mostly within Cumbernauld Park.

Results including SOUL points, WinSplits, Routegadget and BO Ranking points (where there were enough runners)

Edinburgh Big Weekend 2017


A full list of results, RouteGadget, Winsplits etc. for the weekend.


BTO SOUL 8, Lanark, Nov 13

BTO SOUL 6/7, Sprint Scotland, Jul 16/17

BTO SOUL 5, Aberdeen Westhill, June 25

BTO Solicitors extend SOUL series sponsorship

BTO SOUL 4, Livingston, Apr 9

BTO SOUL 3, Paisley, Apr 3

BTO SOUL 2, Sth Queensferry, Feb 7

BTO SOUL 1, Edinburgh, Jan 23

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