JHI & SOL4 in Errochty Forest

STAG welcomes you to the 4th CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League event of 2018 in Errochty Forest on Saturday 6th October.

This cracking forest near Calvine in Highland Perthshire has only been used 4 times in the last 26 years - first mapped for JHI 2002, then remapped for Scottish 2004, STAG's 25th & then 30th Anniversaries in 2007 & 2012 respectively. A vegetation resurvey was made by Stirling Surveys in July 2018.

JHI results and SOL results

STAG welcomes you to the 4th CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) event in Highland Perthshire, in Errochty Forest on Saturday 6th October.

Entries close this Monday 1st October - enter online now!

There are two Starts: Near Start - for White & Yellow competitors - pick up map at Registration. Far Start - all other Courses. Both Starts are just under 1k from parking.

2 Map Scales shall be used 1:7500 for Short Blue, Green & Short Green; 1:10,000 for all other courses.

The punching system will be SportIdent (SI) with SI Air enabled. If you do not have an SI card and need to hire, this is free. If you wish to hire a SIAC (contactless) these are available for £2.50 for this event. These should be pre-booked via SiEntries to guarantee availability. Lost SI dibbers will be charged at £30, lost SIACs £60.

Organiser - Terry O'Brien (STAG)
Planner - Graham McFadyen (STAG)
Controller - Blair Young (TINTO)

Start Times from 2pm > 3:30pm (due to Junior Home Internationals prior to SOL).

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Last edited: 06th Oct 18