Scottish Orienteering League 7 - Drummond Hill West

Interlopers staged the final SOL of 2017 on the narrow but perfectly formed Drummond Hill on the NE end of Loch Tay.  Final positions in the O-League have been decided, with some major changes for those trying to hold onto a top 10 finish in their age class - some orienteers who had only completed in three previous events or had a poor run had the opportunity to catapult up the results board.  The SOL followed on from Interlopers Urban League event in Livingston, part of their INTrepid weekend.  The event was enhanced with the Junior Inter Area Competition taking place at the same time.

Drummond Hill was last used for a significant event in 2005, including both night and day "regional" competitions. Part of the National Forest Estate, the area is the southernmost area with capercaillie in Scotland.  Seasonal restrictions apply so opportunities to enjoy this fine area are limited.  Bringing several hundred competitors into the area was challenging, with cars (and campervans) negotiating a steep and twisting forestry track before having to edge past other vehicles on the way out.  Hopefully everyone made it in and out without scrapes or mishaps.

SOL 6 had one of the finest routes to a start location - SOL 7 probably had one of the finest outlooks I have ever experienced.  Romping down through the heather from control 9 to 10 on the Blue there was a stunning view north to Schiehallion and the Glen Lyon Hills - paying attention to the map detail is difficult at times like this.

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Last edited: 30th Oct 17