PreO at the SOL events

Compass Point Scottish Orienteering League

Where it is possible we intend to have PreO controls en route to the Start at the 2014 SOL events, starting at Devilla Forest on 16th March. PreO controls are to all intents and purposes TrailO controls, giving you the opportunity to warm up your brain as well as your body before you run.

Usually there will be four or five controls, with a number of kites a short distance into the terrain from the path at each control.

The challenge is to identify which kite (if any) is on the correct feature as indicated by the map and control description at that control, but you must remain on the path to view the kites and make your decision.

You can enter by collecting a map in the car park at Anne's or Roger's car, and it's free. Correct answers and some notes on each control site will be on the web after each event.

Many thanks to SOL clubs and organisers for their cooperation with PreO.

Anne Hickling (GRAMP) & Roger Scrutton (ESOC)

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Last edited: 04th Mar 14