Orienteering Embargos

Orienteering embargos i.e. restricted access apply to certain levels of event.  Major events (previously Level A) and National events (previously Level B)  have embargos in place by default.  The Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) events are classifed as National events and the SOL rules state: "An embargo shall be observed by those wishing to score points in the SOL.  The embargo period is one year, or from the date on which the venue is announced if this is less than a year."  Two year embargos apply to Major events and should be notified through the BOF embargo pages.

The Scottish Orienteering Championships can be classified as Major or National Events, the Scottish Relays as National or Regional events.  In practice an unofficial embargo should apply to Scottish Relays.

Moravian Orienteers have access to Roseisle which is popular with orienteers from around the country (indeed the World) and the club has requested that attention is drawn to the embargo for the SOL planned in October 2018.  Note that some of the area used for the Scottish Relays has now been released from the embargo (see updated map).  Orienteers are still allowed to walk dogs, trail run (without orienteering map), mountain bike etc. in Roseisle so the embargo only applies to actual orienteering activities.

Embargo maps for Strathearn 2019 (Scottish 6 Days) will be published by the end of July - the areas involved are Auchingarrich, Edinchip (new area), Dundurn (new area), Culteuchar & Dron, Craig a Barns and Grandtully.

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Last edited: 27th Jun 18