Compass Point Scottish O League 2018

League tables after SOL 2 now published.

League tables are now available, as usual by course and by age class.


For 2018, there are only 5 SOL races, so it is the best 3 races to count.  The series now takes a break until the autumn - in the meantime, enjoy the British and Scottish Champs and the other exciting races coming up over the spring and summer.


All races Sundays.
Starts from 10:30 am.
Full range of colour-coded courses, from string courses for under-5s to 10km+ Black courses for Elite orienteers.


25th March Auchengarrich AROS/GB Squad
8th April Linn of Tummel ESOC
23rd Sept Dunachtonmore BASOC
6th Oct (Saturday pm) Errochty STAG
28th Oct Roseisle MOR

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Last edited: 23rd Apr 18