Compass Point Scottish O League 2018

League tables after SOLs 3 and 4 now published.

League tables are now available, as usual by age class and by course.


For 2018, there are only 5 SOL races, so it is the best 3 races to count.  With one race to go, most classes are very close with the final race at Roseisle holding the key to the final outcome.


All races Sundays.
Starts from 10:30 am.
Full range of colour-coded courses, from string courses for under-5s to 10km+ Black courses for Elite orienteers.


25th March Auchengarrich AROS/GB Squad
8th April Linn of Tummel ESOC
23rd Sept Dunachtonmore BASOC
6th Oct (Saturday pm) Errochty STAG
28th Oct Roseisle MOR

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Last edited: 09th Oct 18