Compass Point Scottish O League 2016

UPDATE 10th December

Thanks for the comments, and also emails that have come to me. There are a few things to note:
1. duplicates etc in the tables: I'll re-post corrected tables shortly once all the corrections have been made (nearly all result from using Scottish Champs as a SOL this year, which hopefully will not happen again for a while!).  
2. Scoring rules: this year is even more complex than usual. We could do the scoring in lots of ways, but none is perfect (simplest would be to use BOF ranking points, but this doesn't work for younger juniors). Alternatives, either for the scoring system or course combinations, can always be considered by SOA, but there are always things for and against each system.
3. Contact email: Trevor Hoey
4. Archive of old SOL results - we are working on this, and have sourced some quite ancient league tables to add to the archive.

FINAL league tables for 2016 after SOL 7 are now available.
Scores arranged by COURSE or AGE CLASS are available. For some age classes there are differences in points between the courses and age classes, on account of course/class combinations used for the Scottish Championships being different from the usual SOL, see notes below for more explanations.

There may still be some residual mistakes from the combination of SOL4 and the Scottish Championships this year, so please let me know if you spot errors. NOTE that age class points scores for some classes include Scottish Championships results that are not included in any of the colour coded course tables, so your score may differ between the two tables. Thanks to those who have spotted errors and omissions.

The results for SOL6 have been updated since the previous version of the tables - GBR runners who ran the JEC courses have now been included. This enables most of the JEC team to have competitive scores and so to be competitive in the overall SOL series.

Some errors have been corrected, and an inconsistency in the treatment of junior 'B' courses has been noted and will be considered in time for the 2017 SOL series.

  Date Club Location Near  
SOL 1 Mar 6 RR Elibank Peebles Website
SOL 2 Apr 10 INT Culteucher & Dron Bridge of Earn Website
SOL 3 May 8 INVOC Affric North Beauly Website
SOL 4 Jun 5 ESOC Cancelled - SOL4 now at Scottish Champs, Balmoral Braemar Website
SOL 5 Sep 11 BASOC Uath Lochans Kingussie Website
SOL 6 Oct 2 CLYDE Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill Aberfoyle Website
SOL 7 Oct 30 MOR Culbin Forres Website

Rick Houghton of Compass Point has announced that they will continue sponsorship of the league for 5 years until 2020. Their support provides gift vouchers for the winner of each course.


Course 1. £5 gift voucher
Course 2. £5 gift voucher
Course 3. £10 gift voucher
Course 4. £10 gift voucher
Course 5. £15 gift voucher
Course 6. £30 gift voucher
Course 7. £30 gift voucher
Course 8. £30 gift voucher
Course 9. £30 gift voucher
Course 10. £30 gift voucher
Course 11. £30 gift voucher
Course 12. £30 gift voucher

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