Youth Sports Concussion

The Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning have written to the SOA (and other SGBs) to raise awareness of concussion amongst children and young people taking part in sport and physical activity. This item includes consideration of how this applies to orienteering.

18th Feb 14

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Concussion is a brain injury caused by direct or indirect force to the head. It results in a variety of non-specific signs and/or symptoms and most often does not involve loss of consciousness. The message around concussion is simple IF IN DOUBT, SIT THEM OUT. 

In orienteering terms this is not quite as straightforward as taking someone off the rugby/football pitch but essentially remove the young person from the activity e.g. give up on their course and assist to finish.  Coaches should be particularly aware of this, but all participants should be aware of symptoms and what to do.

The leaflet can be downloaded from the Scottish Government website.

Photo of authorPosted on 18th Feb 14
by Colin Matheson