World Orienteering Day 24th May 2017

Let's break a world record!

We invite clubs, schools and youth groups to participate in World Orienteering Day on 24th May 2017, and have prepared a Maze Challenge to get you started!

28th Apr 17

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World Orienteering Day takes place on 24th May this year, organised by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF), and all countries and particularly young people are encouraged to hold or participate in activities on the day. 

The first World Orienteering Day took place last year in 2016, when a world record-breaking 250,000 people participated in orienteering events globally. This year we're aiming for more!

The SOA has put together a simple, 'low-tech' activity (see bottom of page) - the Maze Challenge - which we're sharing with schools, youth and outdoors groups across Scotland. Please share with groups you know, or run a Maze Challenge in your club!

You must register your activity on the World Orienteering Day website to make sure it counts towards the world record. The site also has free promotional materials to download, including posters, bibs and certificates for participants - see 

Do share your images of the event to our Facebook page: and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch: .

Happy orienteering!

Downloadable Documents

WOD 2017 schools letter

WOD 2017 Maze Challenge

Photo of authorPosted on 28th Apr 17
by Sarah Hobbs