Updated Articles & Bye-Laws of the SOA

The changes to the SOA's Articles of Assocation and Bye-Laws have been accepted at the EGM on September 23rd 2017 and are now attached. 

05th Oct 17

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The principal changes were to comply with a number of governance developments in recent years, especially around company Board structure and operations. This, in turn, has cascaded down from concerns in sport in general, and other areas, of illegal practices, transparency over decision-making and so on. The appointment of an Independent Director and Chair of the Board, for example, are a response to this.


A second area concerned was about the relationship of the SOA to British Orienteering, especially with regard to the way the membership process operates. Changes to the Articles in the area of membership were mainly to clarify the relationship of our members to British Orienteering.


Thirdly, we were taking this opportunity to propose an update to our Objects (= Charitable Purposes, Articles Section 4), because they still relate to the days before we became a Charity and are no longer acceptable to the Charity Regulator.

Downloadable Documents

SOA Articles of Association October 2017

SOA Bye Laws October 2017

Posted on 05th Oct 17
by Stef Lauer