The Big Weekend 2018

This is the 10th anniversary of the Edinburgh University Orienteering Club's Big Weekend, although this year "Huge Weekend" might be a better name. There are 4 events, over 750 runners and nearly 2000 runs.

Final details are on the EUOC website.

Results for Friday night's ice skating and the rest of the weekend.

18th Jan 18

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Unfortunately the ice was just an bad, or worse, on Saturday, not just in the morning but in places, throughout the day. The decision to void the race, meaning that it would not count for any leagues or ranking lists, was supported by everyone we spoke to.

Many people did go round the courses, treading very carefully although there were a few injuries from falls.

We have published the results, but we emphasise that they are just for interest.

On Sunday some of the paths were also icy but the event went ahead, although late snow made it even more "interesting".

Results at the same link.

Another great weekend put on by EUOC.

Photo of authorPosted on 18th Jan 18
by Robin Strain