Summer orienteering at Glenmore Lodge

Orienteering courses are available around Glenmore Lodge for summer training. 20 control markers are at various locations and printed maps are available from Glenmore Lodge reception.

22nd Jul 16

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Control markers will be in place until the end of August and are designed so that orienteers can plan their own courses. As a score event, visiting all controls within an hour would be quite demanding, but easier options are of course available.

Printed maps (on waterproof paper) are available for £1.50 with guidance notes from:

  • Glenmore Lodge reception (open 8am-6pm every day)
  • Cairngorm Reindeer Centre, Glenmore (open 10am-5pm every day)
  • Glenmore Visitor Centre (open 10am-4pm every day)

Alternatively, download a free PDF map here

Contact Colin Matheson for more information. 

Downloadable Documents

Glenmore Orienteering Map

Photo of authorPosted on 22nd Jul 16
by Colin Matheson