STAG’s 35th Anniversary Event, Grandtully

Sun 1st October

Congratulations go to Terry O'Brien and his helpers for staging the inaugural event at Grandtully and celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the club.  In 2016 the club was awarded a small contribution from the SOA Club Development Fund to kickstart the mapping of this new area.  Terry had been eyeing up Grandtully (and measuring the size of boulders) for 20 years and it was great for the area to be used and support the different levels of technical difficulty.  

04th Oct 17

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A full report appears at  Grandtully is one of the areas we hope to use for Strathearn 2019, the next Scottish 6 Days - Forestry Commission Scotland has announced a thinning programme and the greener areas will continue to get lighter.  If you were able to run there please input your courses to Routegadget.

Photo of authorPosted on 04th Oct 17
by Colin Matheson