Spring in Stirling

A large and varied programme of o-events around Stirling during March

Celebrate Spring in Stirling over two weekends full of orienteering events; there's something for everyone! 10th-11th March is FVO's Stepping into Spring weekend with the Scottish Sprint Champs inc. bto SOUL 4, CompassSport Cup and Trophy Heat; 23rd-25th March is Scottish Spring with night-o, sprint and middle-distance races, inc. CompassPoint SOL 1.

23rd Feb 18

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Here's a wee video to whet your appetite! Details on the events are below. 


10th-11th March Stepping into Spring Weekend

hosted by FVO


Saturday 10th March

  • Scottish Sprint Championships inc. bto SOUL 4 Stirling University campus, on a newly updated and extended map. There will be two races with the cumulative time being used to give overall results. This race incorporates the 4th event in the bto SOUL; view the 2018 Urban League here.

Sunday 11th March

  • CompassSport Cup and Trophy Heat Beecraigs Country Park, near Linlithgow, on a newly updated and extended map. Please note that entries are open to everyone, even if you are not a member of a competing club; if you wish to run competitively, you must pre-enter online.

Enter online for either or both before 1st March; click for more details of the Stepping into Spring Weekend.


23rd-25th March Scottish Spring

hosted by the GB Squad and Masterplan Adventure

Members and friends of the Great Britain senior squad, SEDS and ScotJOS have joined together to create an action packed weekend of orienteering on the 23rd-25th March 2018. With five high quality races based around Stirling this is the perfect opportunity to prepare for this year’s JK and British Championships, with something on offer for everybody.

Friday 23d March

  • Dark Thistle Night Race Barr Wood, near Stirling. A fundraising event for the Scottish Elite Development Squad (SEDS); all courses will be mixed sprint style night relay and Technical Difficulty level 5.

Saturday 24th March

  • Middle Distance race (morning) Abbey Craig, near Stirling University, incorporating the Wallace Monument. A fundraising event organised by ScotJOS for their activities, in mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland on the iconic Stirling hill!
  • Sprint Distance race (afternoon) Rosyth Castlandhill, Stirling, organised by the GB Squad as a fundraising event for their activities. An urban Sprint on a brand new map, with some complexity to test runners with numerous small roads, passages, open spaces and blocks of houses. Part of the UK Elite Orienteering League.
  • Night race (evening) Polmaise, hosted by new club Masterplan Adventure. Individual start, long course (approx 6-7km), short course (approx 3-4km) and orange standard course available.

Sunday 25th March

  • CompassPoint SOL 1 Auchingarrich, near Hosted by the UK Elite Orienteering Squad as a fundraiser for the GB squad and supporters. A classic mix of plantation forest for a range of courses. It is a physically and technically challenging area with an intricate network of detailed open hillside and some faster running on the fields and woodland of the valley floor. Click here to view the CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering (SOL) League 2018.

All the events are linked to fund raising for the Great Britain team and top Scottish juniors, so your entry will be helping those athletes and in return you will be rewarded with a top rate weekend.  

Enter online for the above events before 14th March; click here for more details of the Scottish Spring.

Photo of authorPosted on 23rd Feb 18
by Sarah Hobbs