SOA subscriptions 2017

A change was proposed to increase membership rates at the AGM on 21st May 2016. The senior rate is now £8, and there are no charges for juniors or clubs.

07th Mar 17

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The following rates are in force for SOA membership subscriptions for 2017:

Subscriptions - 2017                                

Senior £8.00
Junior No charge
Family Discontinued
Group No charge
Open club No charge
Closed club No charge

Senior members are aged 21 on over on 31st December 2017
Junior members are aged 20 or younger on 31st December 2017
Family membership is discontinued but children may be registered free of charge as a Junior on an individual basis
Charges for club affiliation to the SOA have been removed
Free first year memberships have been discontinued

The board reserves the right to propose changes to the membership structure and rates at the 2017 AGM if required. (Any changes would come into force in 2018).

Some Q & A’s

  • Is there a Student or Youth membership category?
    No, however organisers may continue to offer discounted entry fees to students at events.
  • Why have family memberships been discontinued?
    BOF will not administer family memberships and this would have incurred additional cost to the SOA. The SOA has chosen to adopt the above structure to simplify the membership structure as much as possible.
  • Why do I have to register my children if there is no charge?
    Children have to be individually registered to be recognised as members of the SOA (and BOF) to receive the benefits including insurance cover (see web site for more details).
  • Do I have to fill in a separate membership form for everyone in the family?
    For now, BOF handle the mechanics of registration and we need to comply with their process.
  • Why have charges been removed for club and group affiliations?
    The income from these classes of memberships was relatively modest and in the interests of simplification, the board has proposed to remove these fees. Registration with the SOA will still be required though application to the SOA board.
  • Is there is an SOA only membership option?
    We are assessing this option in 2017 on a trial basis with selected clubs. Once we have had time to evaluate the impact on memberships, funding and administration we will consider whether it will be offered to all clubs in 2018.

Photo of authorPosted on 07th Mar 17
by Ian McIntyre