SOA Statement on Embargoes

British Orienteering issued the guidelines for this and they can be found at:

18th Aug 08

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British Orienteering has recently modified its embargo rules, so that the discretion formerly delegated to the Scottish Orienteering Association no longer applies.

Responsibility for policing the embargo at any specific event lies with the controller.

The SOA Fixture Secretary will continue to highlight any events in which competing would otherwise breach an embargo.

Paul Caban, SOA Fixtures Secretary

The previous SOA statement on embargoes is appended below.

This [embargo] guideline causes particular problems in Scotland, and in practice the embargo period traditionally operated in Scotland is 12 months/6 months. Even these periods can cause clubs operational difficulties, most pertinently with high-quality area adjacent to large areas of population, and in areas that host the Scottish Six Days.

Both the SOA and BOF are sympathetic to these problems. The guiding principle is rule BOF 1.5.2 - “Competitors should not seek to gain unfair advantage over others.” This means that an individual orienteer must respect an area’s embargo, and in turn Clubs and the SOA must make all embargo information public. Any competitor who has competed on or trained on an area within the embargo period shall be non-competitive, except where the competition has been sanctioned by the SOA Fixtures Secretary and the SOA Competitions Convenor.


Clubs should contact the SOA Fixtures Secretary in advance of any event registration, to discuss any possible breach of an embargo; the Fixtures Secretary and Competitions Convenor will consider all such requests on an individual basis. Any non-exempt breach of an embargo must be noted on event publicity. The SOA Fixtures Secretary will publish a list of embargoed areas on the SOA web site. The list will also note specific events which do/don’t have an embargo exemption.

Graeme Ackland, Paul Caban 21/01/05

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by Paul Caban