SOA is looking for a Competitions Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to take on the role of Competitions Coordinator. This individual will play a key role in an upcoming review of the event calendar. Could it be you?

22nd May 17

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The role of Competitions Coordinator (formerly known as Competitions Convenor) has been empty for some time. Apart from convening the national competitions, an important part of this role is to regularly review the competition calendar and the rules and guidelines for national events. There currently is a need to assess whether the current competition calendar meets the needs and interests of all groups of orienteers, and matches the ability of clubs and volunteers to organise events. This was highlighted at the recent Junior Development summit.

We are therefore looking for a volunteer to take on this role, starting off by leading a small working group to review the competition calendar, and the balance between national events allocated via a rota, regional/national events which SOA invites clubs to organise, and events held at clubs' own initiative.

The role has been rewritten to reflect the current responsibilities of other volunteers, directors and staff. We would consider further changes to reflect a potential volunteers’ skills and interests – please discuss this with me; there is some overlap between this role and other posts and we can be flexible in how responsibilities are divided.

Full details of the role can be found here.

To volunteer, or to discuss the post, please contact Roos Eisma, Operations Director,

Photo of authorPosted on 22nd May 17
by Roos Eisma