SOA Annual General Meeting 2015

Minutes and accounts published

The AGM was held at 6 p.m.on Saturday 23 May, following the Scottish Individual Championships at Ardnaskie. The venue for the AGM was the Village Hall in nearby Taynuilt.
The minutes are now published below.

25th Jun 15

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Minutes of SOA AGM 2015

held at Taynuilt Village Hall,

on Saturday 23th May 2015

Present:  Anne Hickling, Rob Hickling, Ian McIntyre, Jane McIntyre, Roger Scrutton (Chair), Colin Matheson, Hilary Quick, Johannes Petersen, Marsela McLeod, James Tullie, John Tullie, Sally Lindsay, Crawford Lindsay,  Pauline McAdam, (minutes),

Apologies: Anne Thom, Lindsey Knox, Dave and Jane McQuillen, Paul Frost, Lynne Walker, Dick and Trish Carmichael, Jenny Clarke, Ian Doig, Ross McLennan, Terry O’Brien, Claire and Andrew Macpherson, Sheila and Robin Strain.






Apologies were received from those named above.


Approval of the Minutes of the 2014 AGM

The Minutes of the 2014 AGM were approved.


Annual Reports of Association Activities and the Scottish 6-Days Co. 2013-2014

Reports cover the period post 2014 AGM and the first part of 2015.  Detailed reports are available in the AGM Booklet but Directors and others were asked to comment further :

Roger Scrutton, President

Thanked clubs for growing membership. Hilary Quick will be researching the reasons behind this membership growth.

The President’s Medal was awarded to Sally Lindsay in recognition of the considerable amount of work she has done on ‘Score’.


Terry O’Brien, Operations Director

The President raised the point that the Competitions and Fixtures positions have still not been filled.


Ian Doig, Development Director

Comprehensive report includes reports from Hilary Quick, Mike Rodgers and Johannes Petersen. 

Roger Scrutton reported that Mike Rodgers has been asked to undertake a survey of club/school interactions given the challenges of converting school participation into club membership.

Schools will feature in SOA strategy over the next few years.

Hilary Quick explained plans for a BOF programme to build on WOC and announced that ROMP will reappear in September. 


Marsela McLeod, Performance Director.

Thanked Maureen Brown and Bill Stevenson for the 20 years that they have spent co-ordinating the Junior Squad and outlined plans for the future, after they have retired.

Thanked James and Jess Tullie for keeping SEDS going and described the process to replace them.

Wished all the athletes well for WOC and thanked SOA for funding.

James Tullie also thanked SOA for its support of the squad.


Claire Macpherson, Partnership Director

The President reminded members that they can Gift Aid their subscriptions as SOA is a charity.


Marketing and Communications – Ross McLennan

The President added that SOA is currently trying to build up a marketing arrangement with Tiso.


Colin Matheson, Professional Officer, Company Secretary, and CEO

Highlighted some successes advertising WOC with features on ‘The Adventure Show’ on TV and the ‘Outdoor Show’ on radio.

There are some concerns as IOF are closing their current offices and relocating just before WOC.


Ian McIntyre, Treasurer

Final accounts were provided. Again there was a surplus due to additional income and reduced costs. However some of the savings made are not necessarily beneficial. An example of this is not spending the mapping budget. It is proving difficult to spend money productively.


Adoption of the Accounts was proposed by Marsela McLeod; seconded by Hilary Quick and approved unanimously.

There will be no change in membership fees.

 Hilary Quick described arrangements that will help her to manage without an Admin Assistant.


Anne Hickling, Chairman, Scottish 6 Days.

Anne thanked clubs and orienteers for their support for the 6 Days and said that they were very fortunate to have Paul McGreal as event director.

No decision has yet been made about the venue for 2019. It is hoped to announce this later in the summer.



1. The proposal to amend Section 11.8 of the Articles of Association relating to the turnover of Directors from one third to one quarter each year.

Voting showed all present and all (4) proxy votes in favour. Proposal was accepted. Updated Articles of Association


2. The proposal from Simon Firth of ESOC that the SOA levy payment barrier be increased to at least £9.

Voting showed all present and 2 proxy votes against; 2 proxy votes in favour. Proposal was rejected. SOA levy payment barrier remains at £8


Election of Officers

Roger Scrutton (President) and Claire Macpherson (Partnership) are retiring but standing for re-election.

Each was re-elected unanimously by those present + the 4 proxy votes in favour.



No other business and so Roger Scrutton closed the meeting, thanking all for attending.

Downloadable Documents

SOA AGM Minutes 2015

SOA AGM Booklet 2015

SOA 2014 Finance Statements

Articles of Association, adopted 2015 AGM

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