SOA Annual General Meeting 2013

Minutes of the re-convened SOA AGM, held on Saturday 29th June at Bell’s Sports Centre, Perth, are now available.

11th Oct 13

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The SOA AGM was re-convened as the original meeting was non-quorate.  Minutes of the re-convened meeting can now be downloaded.

Downloadable Documents

SOA AGM Booklet 2013
PDF of booklet; also obtainable hardcopy from National Centre.

SOA AGM Proxy form 2013
Included in AGM booklet, and downloadable separately.

SOA AGM (not quorate) minutes May 2013
Minutes of non-quorate AGM, for approval at next quorate meeting.

SOA AGM (re-convened) minutes June 2013
Minutes of re-convened AGM.

Photo of authorPosted on 11th Oct 13
by Colin Matheson