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Good luck to the Scotland team at this year's Senior Home Internationals in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland!

08th Sep 17

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The Senior Home Internationals will be held over this coming weekend in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The Individual is on Saturday at Florencecourt and Gortalunghay, an area of open moorland with some limestone. On Sunday there are relays at Castle Saunderson, with areas of plantation woodland and parkland, just over the border in the Republic of Ireland. The Scotland team will be looking to continue their success from the last few years; good luck to all!

The team for the weekend is:



  • Jess Tullie (BASOC)
  • Kirsten Strain (AROS)
  • Kirstin Maxwell (RR)
  • Rona Lindsay (ESOC)
  • Laura Robertson (ESOC)
  • Madara Brice (EUOC)



  • Jenny Ricketts (EUOC/MAROC)
  • Emma Wilson (CLYDE)
  • Kathryn Barr (MOR)



  • James Tullie (BASOC)
  • Ali McLeod (CLYDE)
  • Duncan Coombs (AROS)
  • Mark Nixon (FVO)
  • Josh Dudley (MAROC)
  • Lewis Taylor (FVO)


  • Sasha Chepelin (EUOC)
  • Tam Wilson (EUOC)
  • Alex Carcas (EUOC)


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An extract from the relay area, Castle Saunderson

An extract from the relay area, Castle Saunderson (Full size)

The SHI team in 2013, Ireland

The SHI team in 2013, Ireland (Full size)

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by Rona Lindsay