Scottish Team Selections for the 2017 VHI

Veterans Home International, Aviemore,Scotland

This takes place at Aviemore on 23rd/24th September this year. Congratulations to the following people, who have been selected for the Scottish team. All those who have been selected should already have heard from me but if not please get in touch as it means I do not have a correct e-mail address for you.

26th Jun 17

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M35 Will Hensman W35 Helen Bridle
  Ross McLennan (R)   Gemma Karatay (R )
M40 Dave Godfree W40 Claire Ward
  Roger Goddard   Kirsty Bryan Jones
  Anthony Squire (R )   Susannah MacMillan (R )
M45 Ben Stansfield W45 Sarah Dunn
  Jason Inman   Jenny Peel
  Fraser Purves (R )   Susannah MacMillan (R )
      Mary Ross (R )
M50 Dave Robertson W50 Lorna Eades
  Jon Cross   Hazel Dean
  Jon Hollingdale (R )   Marsela McLeod (R )
M55 Jon Musgrave W55 Christine Patterson
  Rob Lee   Maggie Scrugham
  Ian Maxwell (R )   Fiona Hendrie (R )
M60 John Tullie W60 Pauline McAdam
  Donald Petrie   Gill Berrow
  Martin Dean (R )   Janice Nisbet (R )
M65 Robin Sloan W65 Margaret Dalgleish
  Phil Smithard (R )   Sheila Strain (R )

Janice Nisbet

or 07827 329796

The VHI is part of the BASOC Highland WOLF weekend

Photo of authorPosted on 26th Jun 17
by Janice Nisbet