Scottish Team Selections for the 2016 VHI

Veterans Home International, Northern Ireland

Congratulations to everyone selected to run in this year's Veteran Home International, which takes place on 3rd-4th September 2016 at Cassy Water, Kilkeel, County Down, Northern Ireland. The event is earlier than usual this year, as it was moved to avoid a clash with the Compass Sport Cup Final.

26th Jun 16

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Please contact Team Manager Janice Nisbet on as soon as possible to confirm availability.

M35 Will Hensman  
  Anthony Squire Reserve
M40 Roger Goddard  
  Dave Godfree  
  Drew Tivendale Reserve
M45 Ben Stansfield  
  Patrick Walder  
  Fraser Purves Reserve
M50 Jon Musgrave  
  Dave Robertson  
  Tim Griffin Reserve
M55 Bob Daly  
  Donald Petrie  
  John Tullie Reserve
M60 Eddie Harwood  
  Callum Scott  
  Paul Duley Reserve
M65 Andy Tivendale  
  Dave Armitage Reserve
W35 Janine Inman  
  Claire Ward Reserve
W40 Kirsty Bryan-Jones  
  Heather Thomson  
  Mary Ross Reserve
W45 Sarah Dunn  
  Jenny Peel  
  Susan Blackwood Reserve
W50 Alison Cunningham  
  Hazel Dean  
  Jane Ackland Reserve
W55 Jane Halliday  
  Amelia Petrie  
  Fran Loots Reserve
W60 Gill Berrow  
  Pauline Macadam  
  Janice Nisbet Reserve
W65 Joan Noble  
  Mary Williams Reserve

NB Rob Hickling would have been selected for M60, but had already said he wasn't available. 

Photo of authorPosted on 26th Jun 16
by Janice Nisbet