Scottish Sprint Championships (SSPC)

Rules and Guidelines

The Scottish Sprint Championships (SSPC) provides a championship at sprint distance orienteering. Sprint orienteering tests rapid decision making while running at close to full speed. Updated Dec 2014.

31st Dec 14

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  1. A sprint race is a course aimed at a winning time of 12-15 minutes. The course may be held in any type of terrain, the main requirement being good runnability and a high density of accurately mapped features.
  2. The area to be used shall be approved by the Competitions Convenor and thereafter the event should be registered with the Fixtures Secretary.
  3. There will be Scottish Champions for all BOF age classes.


  1. From 2015, this Championship is devolved to SOA Areas (West>North>East) who shall then seek offers from their Clubs to host the project.
  2. SOA Areas may consider hosting the Sprint Championships & the Night Championships on the same weekend.
  3. The format should be either two races, total time to count, or a single race.
  4. Runnability and visibility should be consistent enough that no significant time is lost due to unmapped features. The fastest route should not offer the possibility of physical injury.
  5. Junior, senior and veterans courses are the minimum which should be provided. If courses are combined, the winning time shall pertain to the fastest competitors.
  6. The event may be staged in conjunction with another major event (e.g. SOL, 6-day etc.).
  7. Other events are permitted in Scotland on the date of sprint race championship, however organisers are advised to attempt to avoid clashes.
  8. The International standard for sprint orienteering mapping should be used.
  9. Areas suitable for sprint orienteering frequently have many uncrossable and out of bounds areas. These must be clearly mapped - map legends should be available in advance.
  10. Control descriptions should be clear and unambiguous, particularly when the circle is bisected by uncrossable features. In particular, using sides on uncrossable walls and fences should be avoided, as these invariably lead to competitors attempting to cross.
  11. There is no embargo on sprint championship areas, although competitors may not enter the competition area on the day of the event.
  12. Where possible, courses should cater for spectators.

Awards and Trophies

To be eligible to win a trophy you must be a current British Orienteering member.

Eligibility for Scottish Champions is the same as for the Scottish Orienteering Championships.

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