Scottish seniors selected for GBR team this summer

Senior Selections for the Summer Competitions are now out and there are a host of Scottish athletes and club members on the GBR team. Congratulations to all, we look forward to following the races in the summer!

01st Jun 18

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World Orienteering Championships (WOC)

3rd-12th August Riga/Sigulda Latvia

  • Sprint: Kris Jones (FVO), Chris Smithard (FVO) (Reserve Jo Shepherd)
  • Mixed Sprint Relay: Kris Jones (FVO)
  • Middle: Ali McLeod (Reserve Jess Tullie BASOC)
  • Long: Alan Cherry, Hector Haines (INT), Jo Shepherd, Jess Tullie
  • Relay: Kris Jones (FVO), Jo Shepherd

To see the full team check this article:


World Cup 3

31st August- 2nd September Halden, Norway

This competition is in preparation for the World Champs in 2019, so it’s Forest only as 2019 will be the first split WOC.
Scottish athletes and club members competing over Long, Middle and Relay are:

  • Alan Cherry, Sasha Chepelin (EUOC), Graham Gristwood (FVO), Ali McLeod, Hector Haines (INT), Hollie Orr, Jo Shepherd, Jess Tullie (BASOC)


World Cup 4

3-7th October Prague Czech Republic

This round of the World Cup will host the first Knock Out Sprint Competition at this level. The team selected includes:

  • Sprint and Knockout Sprint: Sasha Chepelin (EUOC), Jonny Crickmore (EUOC), Chris Smithard (FVO), Kirstin Maxwell (RR), Jo Shepherd
  • Mixed Sprint Relay: Jonny Crickmore, Chris Smithard, Sasha Chepelin, Jo Shepherd, Kirstin Maxwell
  • Middle: Graham Gristwood (FVO), Hector Haines (INT), Sarah Jones (EUOC), Fay Walsh (EUOC)

To see the full teams for the World Cup rounds click here:


World University Championships  

17th-21st July Kuortane, Finland

These are held every two years and consist of Sprint Relay, Middle, Sprint, Long, Relay. For the full team see here:

  • Jonny Crickmore EUOC (S; MSR; L; FR1) 
  • Sasha Chepelin EUOC (S; MSR; M; FR1)
  • Sarah Jones EUOC (M; L; FR2) 
  • Fay Walsh EUOC (M; L; FR1)
  • Reserves: Matt Fellbaum EUOC, Alex Carcas EUOC/INT



21-23rd September The Triangle Region Denmark

This competition is in preparation for WOC 2020, the first Sprint only WOC. There will be a Sprint Relay, KO Sprint and Sprint. Scottish athletes and club members selected are:

  • Alex Carcas (EUOC/INT), Jonny Crickmore (EUOC), Matt Fellbaum (EUOC), Chris Smithard (FVO), Kirstin Maxwell (RR), Jo Shepherd

Full team is here:

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