Scottish Score Championships (SSCC)

Rules and Guidelines


The Scottish Score Championships (SSCC) provides good quality age-based competition with the score format. The event will normally take place at the end of the year, the score format meaning that competitors spend a well defined time in the forest. The event may be combined with the Scottish Inter-Club Championships.

31st Dec 14

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The event will take the form of a score orienteering competition, in which as many controls as possible should be visited in any order in a fixed time period.

The event will be hosted by each of the open clubs within Scotland according to a rota.

The area to be used shall be approved by the Competitions Convenor and thereafter the event should be registered with the Fixtures Secretary. The main criterion is the availability of high quality terrain.

The event is a BOF level C event. There will be competitions for each BOF age class – since the courses are time rather than distance based there are no short courses.


The planner should aim for the course to be long enough that the fastest competitor visits almost all the controls in the time allowed. Thus it is necessary that more than one course be offered.

Three courses should usually be offered:


Time Limit

Age Classes

Technical Difficulty


70 minutes

M20-35, W21



60 minutes

M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-75+



40 minutes



The nature of route choice at the event means that the strict definition of technical difficulty cannot be applied, so the TD ratings are indicative of control placement only.

Controls may be worth different numbers of points. Controls numbers should be chosen to emphasize this (e.g. 1-10: 10 points; : 11-20: 20 points 21:30: 30 points 31-40: 40 points).

Electronic punching should be used. Planners should be aware of the limits on the number of controls which can be recorded.

A time penalty should be applied for finishers taking longer than the limit. While not draconian, points should be deducted at a rate faster than they could be obtained: e.g. if 450 points are available on course 2 (7.5 per minute) a penalty of 1 point every six seconds would be appropriate.

There is no need for start and finish to be in the same location.

Awards and Trophies

To be eligible to win a trophy you must be a current British Orienteering member.

Eligibility for Scottish Champions is the same as for the Scottish Orienteering Championships.

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