Scottish Orienteering Association Roll of Honour

February - May 2017

It’s great to see so much Scottish success across the age classes; well done to all! 

30th May 17

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Individual and Team Results:

British Night Championships

Held in the Lake District at Great Tower Wood on 25th February.

M16: 1st Ali Chapman (MAROC)

M18L: 2nd Jake Chapman (MAROC)

M21L: 1st Graham Gristwood (FVO)

M40L: 3rd Roger Goddard (FVO)

M45L: 3rd Jason Inman (FVO)

M50L: 1st Jon Cross (FVO), 3rd Dave Robertson (CLYDE)

W16L: 1st Eilidh Campbell (MAROC), 2nd Lizzie Stansfield (FVO)

W18L: 2nd Emma Wilson (CLYDE)

W20L: 2nd Jenny Ricketts (MAROC)

W21L: 2nd Fanni Gyurko (FVO), 3rd Zoe Harding (EUOC)

W50L: 2nd Marsela McLeod (INVOC), 3rd Denise Wright (MAROC)

W60L: 2nd Janice Nisbet (ESOC)

JK Sprint

Held at Brunel University, W of London on 14th April

M18E: 2nd Finlay Todd (INVOC)

M20E: 1st Alexander Chepelin (EUOC), 3rd Alex Carcas (EUOC/INT)

M21E: 1st Kris Jones (FVO)

M50: 3rd Dave Robertson (CLYDE)

M60: 3rd Donald Petrie (CLYDE)

M70: 1st Phil Smithard (KFO)

W10: 3rd Ruth Gooch (MAROC)

W16: 1st Alice Wilson (CLYDE)

W18E: 2nd Grace Molloy (FVO)

W20E: 1st Jenny Ricketts (MAROC)

W21E: 1st Tessa Strain (EUOC), 2nd Laura Robertson (ESOC)

W40: 1st Claire Ward (INT)

W45: 2nd Sarah Dunn (MAROC)

W50: 3rd Jane Ackland (INT)

W65: 2nd Sheila Strain (ELO)

W70: 3rd Eleanor Pyrah (ESOC)

JK Overall

Prizes were awarded to the fastest combined times after 2 days of racing over 15/16th April at Ambersham Common and Holmbush & St Leonards, in West Sussex.

M10A: 2nd Laurence Ward (INT)

M16A: 1st Peter Molloy (FVO), 3rd Matthew Gooch (MAROC)

M18E: 2nd Finlay Todd (INVOC)

M20E: 1st Alexander Chepelin (EUOC), 2nd Ali Masson (EUOC)

M21E: 1st Graham Gristwood (FVO), 3rd Kris Jones (FVO)

M40L: 3rd Roger Goddard (FVO)

M40S: 3rd Graeme Rodd (INT)

M50L: 3rd Dave Robertson (CLYDE)

M60L: 1st Donald Petrie (CLYDE)

M70L: 3rd Phil Smithard (KFO)

W14A: 3rd Rachel Brown (ESOC)

W14B: 2nd Kirsten Robertson (CLYDE)

W16A: 2nd Lizzie Stansfield (FVO), 3rd Eilidh Campbell (MAROC)

W18E: 2nd Grace Molloy (FVO), 3rd Emma Wilson (CLYDE)

W20E: 2nd Jenny Ricketts (MAROC)

W20S: 2nd Rachel Hendrie (FVO)

W21E: 1st Tess Strain (EUOC)

W21L: 1st Rebecca Harding (ESOC)

W40L: 2nd Claire Ward (INT)

W45L: 2nd Sarah Dunn (MAROC)

W45S: 3rd Lucy Shearer (ECKO)

W50S: 2nd Pippa Weir (MOR)

W55S: 1st Fiona Hendrie (FVO)

JK Relay

Held at Pippingford Park, East Sussex on 17th April.

JK Trophy: 1st FVO Flyers (Chris Smithard, Graham Gristwood, Kris Jones), 2nd EUOC Legends (Ali Masson, Jonny Crickmore, Alexander Chepelin)

Womens Trophy: 2nd EUOC Legendesses (Klara Novotna, Madara Brice, Tess Strain)

Womens Short: 1st CLYDE Destroyers (Lindsay Robertson, Bryony Harding, Emma Wilson)

Senior Women: 2nd FVO Female Flying Vets (Cathy Tilbrook, Rona Molloy, Beccy Osborn)

Veteran Men: 2nd CLYDE Battleships (Dave Robertson, Robin Orr, Donald Petrie)

Intermediate Men: 1st MAROC 2 (Ali Chapman, Luke Graham, Matthew Gooch)

Intermediate Women: 2nd INT Team CompassPoint W (Pippa Carcas, Leah Bartlett, Mairi Eades)

British Long

Held at High Dam in the Lake District on 6th May

M10A: 3rd Laurence Ward (INT)

M10B: 2nd Ben Ross (INT)

M14B: 1st Euan Patton (FVO)

M16A: 1st Matthew Gooch (MAROC), 2nd Peter Molloy (FVO)

M20E: 1st Alexander Chepelin (EUOC), 2nd Matt Fellbaum (EUOC), 3rd Ali Masson (EUOC)

M21E: 1st Graham Gristwood (FVO), 2nd Ali McLeod (CLYDE)

M35L: 3rd Will Hensman (FVO)

M40L: 3rd David Godfree (FVO)

M45L: 2nd Ben Stansfield (FVO), 3rd Jason Inman (FVO)

M45S: 3rd Jonathan Molloy (FVO)

M50L: 3rd Jon Cross (FVO)

M55L: 1st Jon Musgrave (MAROC), 3rd Rob Lee (INT)

M60L: 1st John Tullie (RR), 3rd Donald Petrie (CLYDE)

W10A: 3rd Ruth Gooch (MAROC)

W14A: 1st Rachel Brown (ESOC), 3rd Pippa Carcas (INT)

W16A: 1st Eilidh Campbell (MAROC), 2nd Lizzie Stansfield (FVO)

W18E: 1st Grace Molloy (FVO)

W21E: 1st Tess Strain (EUOC), 3rd Anastasia Trubkina, 4th Fanni Gyurko

W21L: 2nd Sarah Tullie (FVO)

W35S: 3rd Claire Macpherson (CLYDE)

W45L: 1st Kirsty Bryan-Jones (FVO), 2nd Sarah Dunn (MAROC)

W50L: 1st Hazel Dean (FVO), 3rd Lorna Eades (INT)

W55S: 3rd Jane Cherry (AYROC)

British Relay

Held at Summer House Knott in the Lake District on 7th May.

Men’s Premier: 1st EUOC Tams Clammy Bams (Jack Leitch, Will Rigg, Tim Morgan), 2nd FVO 2 (Will Hensman, Jegor Kostylev, Lewis Taylor), 3rd AROS Legends (Ali McLeod, Duncan Coombs, Ed Nicholas)

Women’s Premier: 1st EUOC Legendesses (Fay Walsh, Sarah Jones, Tess Strain), 3rd FVO Female Flyers (Grace Molloy, Lizzie Stansfield, Fanni Gyurko)

Men’s Short: 2nd ESOC Sith (Andrew Lindsay, Craig Nolan, Rona Lindsay), 3rd FVO 4 (Peter Molloy, Trevor Hoey, Brad Connor)

M40: 1st FVO 5 (Roger Goddard, David Godfree, Marcus Pinker), 3rd FVO 6 (Ben Stansfield, Jason Inman, Jon Cross)

W40: 3rd INT CompassPoint E (Lorna Eades, Mary Ross, Claire Ward)

M/W70: 3rd ESOC X-Wings (Alastair Lessells, Eleanor Pyrah, Ian Pyrah)

M18: 2nd MAROC Marauders (Ali Chapman, Jack Chapman, Matthew Gooch)

W18: 2nd MAROC Maidens (Kirsty Campbell, Abi Mason, Eilidh Campbell)

Ad Hoc: 1st MAROC 6 (Kirsty Coombs, Sarah Dunn, Josh Dudley)

Junior Ad Hoc: 2nd MAROC Minxes (Joel Gooch, Euan Musgrave, Ruth Gooch), 3rd INT CompassPoint S (Mairi Eades, Matthew Ross Pippa Carcas)

Junior Selections:

EYOC - European Youth Orienteering Championships for M/W16 and 18.

This year will be held 28th June-2nd July in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Scots representing GB are:

Freddie Carcas (INT), Finlay Todd (INVOC), Eilidh Campbell (MAROC), Grace Molloy (FVO)

JWOC – Junior World Orienteering Championships for M/W18 and 20.

This year will be held 10th-15th July in Tampere, Finland. Scots representing GB are:

Alex Carcas (EUOC), Alexander Chepelin (EUOC), Matt Fellbaum (EUOC), Ali Masson (EUOC), Grace Molloy (FVO), Jenny Ricketts (EUOC)

JEC – Junior European Cup for M/W18 and 20.

This year will be held 29th September-1st October in Fürstenfeld, Austria. Scots representing GB are:

Alex Carcas (EUOC), Freddie Carcas (INT), Matt Fellbaum (EUOC), Finlay Todd (INVOC), Grace Molloy (FVO), Lindsay Robertson (CLYDE)

Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) summer tours for junior orienteers:

Lagganlia, Scotland, 22-29th July

Ellis Hunter (ECKO), Rachel Brown (ESOC), Pippa Carcas (INT), Amber Graham (MAROC)

Deeside, Scotland, 22-29th July

Luke Graham (MAROC), Louis McMillan (ECKO), Kirsty Campbell (MAROC), Mairi Eades (INT), Mairi Weir (MOR)

Stockholm, Sweden, 8-20th August

Eilidh Campbell (MAROC), Jake Champman (MAROC), Joe Wright (MAROC)

British Orienteering summer tours for junior orienteers:

Talent Camp, Badaguish, Scotland, 23-29th July

Ali Chapman (MAROC), Matthew Gooch (MAROC), Peter Molloy (FVO), Eilidh Campbell (MAROC), Lizzie Stansfield (FVO), Alice Wilson (CLYDE)

Pre JWOC 2018 Camp, Kecskemét, Hungary:

Alex Carcas (EUOC), Freddie Carcas (INT), Matthew Fellbaum (INT), Finlay Todd (INVOC), Grace Molloy (FVO), Lindsay Robertson (CLYDE)

Senior Selections:

World Cup Round 1, Finland, May 24-28th

Chris Smithard (FVO), Jonny Crickmore (EUOC), Alan Cherry, Hollie Orr, Tess Strain (EUOC), Jess Tullie (BASOC), Jo Shepherd (INVOC)

WOC, Estonia, 30th June-7th July

Kris Jones (FVO), Chris Smithard (FVO), Tess Strain (EUOC), Jess Tullie (BASOC), Graham Gristwood (FVO) Alan Cherry, Hollie Orr.

World Games, Poland, 25-27th July

Tessa Strain (EUOC)

World Cup Round 3, Latvia, 25th-27th August

Alan Cherry, Hector Haines (INT), Hollie Orr, Jo Shepherd (INVOC), Tess Strain (EUOC), Chris Smithard (FVO)

World Cup Round 4, Switzerland, 29th September-1st October

Alan Cherry, Jonny Crickmore (EUOC), Hector Haines (INT), Hollie Orr, Jo Shepherd (INVOC), Tess Strain (EUOC), Jess Tullie (BASOC)

Hopefully this is a complete list of results and selections for these competitions, but we do apologise if anyone has been missed out or if any names have been reported incorrectly; please notify if you notice any glaring errors which need immediate correction. 

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