Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI 2015

VHI Wales 3rd/4th October 2015

The Scottish team will be selected using the results of the following races.
Selections will be announced in the first week of June.

15th Feb 15

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JK Day 2 Saturday 4th April Ulpha Park (NWOA)
JK Day 3 Sunday 5th April Bigland (NWOA)
British Champs Saturday 18th April New Beechenhurst (SWOA)
British Middle-Distance Champs Sunday 10th May Naphill & Park Wood (TVOC)
Scottish Champs Saturday 23rd May Dalmally (ECKO)
SOL3 Sunday April 12th Mark Hill (SOLWAY )
SOL4 Sunday May 3rd Glen Dye  ( GRAMP)

Orienteers need to compete in at least two of these races to be considered. Greater weight will be given to the results of the Scottish Champs and JK.  In the event of a close contest the selectors may take other form into account. 

If you are recovering from injury or illness but likely to recover in time for the VHI,  please let the team manager know, and the selectors will try to take that into account.   

At Level B events you should preferably run the appropriate colour coded class for your age group, i.e. 

Brown: M35, M40

Short Brown: M45, M50

Blue: M55, M60, W35, W40

Short Blue: M65, W45, W50

Green: W55, W60

Short Green: W65

For those competitors who like to run up, their results will be taken into account on a minutes/km basis.  This applies in particular to W35 competitors, who run Short Brown in the VHI.

In the past couple of years, the VHI has clashed with one of the Scottish SOL events.  However, BASOC have kindly moved the Highland Wolf event this year to give us a clear run and we are hoping for a strong team.     If you would like to be considered, please keep the date free and start training! 

Anyone who thinks they may be missed, e.g. because they are not based in Scotland, please get in touch to ensure you are considered.

Team Manager and Selector: Janice Nisbet (ESOC)

Photo of authorPosted on 15th Feb 15
by Janice Nisbet