President’s medal awarded to Paul Frost

One of the most rewarding roles for the Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) President is the opportunity to recognise someone for their outstanding achievements in Scottish orienteering through the awarding of the President’s Medal at the AGM.

02nd Jun 09

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The medal was originally brought to Britain by a Scandinavian delegation visiting to promote, what was then, a very new sport to Britain. The medal was presented to a person, group or club that had made a major contribution to the introduction and development of the sport in Britain. Many years on, the medal was gifted to the SOA by Bert Bradshaw, who pointed out that the date on the medal matched the date the SOA was formed and asked if it could be put to good use. The SOA agreed that the medal should be used to honour the greatest achievement by an individual each year. It is presented at each AGM, by the SOA President, to the person they regard as most deserving of recognition for “outstanding achievements by a Scottish orienteer”.

At the SOA AGM on 23rd May 2009, President Donald Grassie awarded the President’s medal to Paul Frost of Loch Eck Orienteers (EckO). In making the award, Donald highlighted that the medal was once again being awarded to someone who had made a significant “teamwork” contribution to the SOA over the past four years, and who was possibly been the most successful in publicising the activities of the SOA both within our membership and to the general public.

Paul took over as SOA webmaster in 2005 and has turned the website into a vibrant and dynamic site which is maintained up-to-date and can be relied on as a source of accurate information. Paul has been innovative in introducing a variety of tools to ease the management of the site, e.g. adopting state-of-the-art web tools to provide a high quality site, and providing more opportunities for members to submit news items. However, regardless of the tools available, Paul seeks and achieves excellence, which means that the website is recognised as an excellent advert and window into Scottish Orienteering.

One of the features of Paul’s work is that he is extremely proactive.  Paul has usually implemented the solution before he has been asked the question. This greatly assists the work of the Board and indeed all volunteer co-ordinators, who know that they can count on his support and advice.

Paul has also developed and encouraged the use of RouteGadget around Scottish clubs and events, such that it is now seen as a standard post-event tool for analysing how you performed against your fellow competitors. Paul realised there was a gap, sought out a solution, and then promoted its development - being recognised as the “guru” by clubs and events around the UK.

Paul’s work is not just in support of the SOA website. In addition to supporting clubs he has been more closely associated with, Paul has also offered his advice widely to other clubs.

So there are many reasons that Scottish Orienteering should recognise Paul’s work. He has been an excellent volunteer, being a real teamworker, who looks to innovate, delivers quality and who has unselfishly supported the SOA Board, SOA Clubs and members.

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