President’s Medal 2015

Awarded to Sally Lindsay

At the SOA AGM on 23 May 2015 Roger Scrutton awarded the President’s Medal to Sally Lindsay, Editor of Score Magazine.  Here’s what he said when making the award.

27th May 15

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SOA couldn’t function without the work/input of hundreds of volunteers – the 6-Days event every two years marshals the contribution of about 400 volunteers, and week in week out at nearly 1000 events and activities SOA clubs organise every year there will be volunteers on duty to plan courses, help newcomers, man registration/start/finish/car parking, even run the whole activity, and so on and so on.  It is a massive contribution.  Just to look at this another way, volunteering is costed by some organisations, e.g. BOF, at about £20 per hour, which in a conservative back of the envelope calculation easily leads to in excess of £1M of volunteer time donated each year to events and activities.

However, there are a number of volunteers who are on duty almost all the time through the year, whose job is really ongoing, such as club secretaries of all kinds, and various SOA coordinators and managers; every one of these members deserves a medal for their on-going contribution.  I guess Jess and James fitted into this category last year; and this year I have awarded the President’s Medal to a volunteer who is on duty just about all the time.  

This is Sally Lindsay of ESOC, who has been Editor of the SCORE magazine now for about a year and a half.  Although SCORE appears four time a year, you can imagine that as soon as one edition is dispatched, another gets under way.  About two years ago we conducted a review of the way SCORE is produced and delivered, initiated by Andy Paterson who was Communications Director at that time.  This led to a change from wholly print to an electronic on-line format in full colour or a print format for those that requested it.  Using the production money we saved by going on-line we have employed a professional page-setter.  Sally had to manage this change as soon as she came into post.  In terms of the quantity and quality of its contents (both solicited and offered) she is now producing a magazine that is comparable to those of much larger sports and which make their way into the public realm.  SCORE is to all intents and purposes a professional product; it is not only a member benefit but a very useful vehicle for the promotion of our sport (I have recently sent the most recent copy to Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport in the Scottish Government, to give him some background to the World Championships and 6-Days event coming up in August).

It gives me great pleasure to award the President’s Medal in 2015 to Sally in recognition of her excellent editorship of a 21st century SCORE.

Photo of authorPosted on 27th May 15
by Hilary Quick