Permanent Orienteering Courses in Scotland

There are a good number of Permanent Orienteering Courses around Scotland, for you to orienteer in your own time – as a family, a group of friends, or for individual training. Some are in cities, in parks, or more remote areas. You might find a permanent course near where you live, or near where you go on holiday. Maps are usually low cost or free of charge.

For a list of all courses in Scotland and information on where to obtain maps, visit:

08th Aug 16

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The SOA also provides several seasonal orienteering courses around Scotland (the 'Regular Orienteering Map Programme,' or ROMP), to make use of mapped areas. Click here to see what’s currently available and how to get maps.

If you require any further guidance or additional information, please contact the National Orienteering Centre: tel. 01479 861374 or e-mail: .

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