Orienteer at the Braemar Mountain Festival

Orienteering is a fantastic family sport and an excellent way of practising skills for navigating in the mountains. In partnership with the Braemar Mountain Festival 1st-4th March, Mar Orienteering Club are putting on introductory orienteering events, for all ages and abilities. It's a good opportunity to share the sport with friends and family!

21st Feb 18

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Orienteering at Creag Choinnich near Braemar. Image credit: Nigel Corby
At the Braemar Mountain Festival this year (1st-4th March) there will be an opportunity to try out orienteering on each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

As well as being a fantastic family sport in its own right, orienteering is an excellent way of practising skills for navigating in the mountains. The fundamental skills involved in orienteering include map interpretation, route selection, compass work and understanding contours, all of which are equally important for navigating in the mountains. The difference is that orienteering offers opportunities to practice these skills repeatedly in easily accessible locations.

The sessions on offer at the Braemar Mountain Festival will take place in Creag Choinnich woodland and up onto the open hillside of Carn nan Sgliat.

  • Friday pm : 60’ “Score” event suitable for anyone with basic navigation skills
  • Saturday pm : Introductory session for families or youths
  • Sunday pm: “So you think you can navigate” challenge suitable for those with some prior navigation experience

More details and registration are available on the Braemar Mountain Festival and Mar Orienteering Club websites. 

Photo of authorPosted on 21st Feb 18
by Sarah Hobbs