Operations Team

The new Operations Team led by Keith Roberts had their inaugural meeting in Edinburgh and thanks go to the Competitions Coordinator (Mark Nixon), Fixtures Secretary (Paul Caban) and Sally Lindsay (Trophies Coordinator) for their input.  Staff member Colin Matheson was also present.  Apologies were recieved from Rob Hickling (Controllers Coordinator), Trevor Hoey (Scottish O League Coordinator) and Robin Strain (Electronic Systems Coordinator).The team considered "operational planning" including areas where we would like to see investment from the SOA including mapping, equipment and support for clubs.  

Mark gave a very thorough presentation of the competitions structure, and we look forward to clubs/areas taking forward competitions well into the future.  The Scottish Orienteering Urban League and Scottish Orienteering League continue to be an important part of the orienteering calendar.  Herds of bison cannot be guaranteed, but across Scotland we will continue to enjoy orienteering, some of it world-class. 

25th Sep 18

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Photo of authorPosted on 25th Sep 18
by Colin Matheson