Lochaber 2021 - Scottish 6 Days Orienteering

The Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co Ltd is seeking a Coordinator for Lochaber 2021.  This individual will play a key role in the successful delivery of the event, through the coordination of a team of volunteers and paid-for services as appropriate.

The main management and running of the event is delegated to a Central Organising Team formed from a group of clubs (to be agreed).  This Central Organising Team is led by the Coordinator, and is supported by the Events Manager of the Scottish Orienteering Association who is appointed as Assistant Coordinator.

05th Nov 18

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Lochaber 2021 will be the 23rd staging of the Scottish 6 Days, and there is a wealth of experience within the Scottish Orienteering community to help deliver this biennial event.  

The Coordinator will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co Ltd.

Preliminary work has already started in identifying suitable areas and an agremeent is in place for the capture of LiDAR imagery for new and updated mapping.

If interested please contact david_kershaw "at" blueyonder.co.uk or [email protected] .org

Photo of authorPosted on 05th Nov 18
by Colin Matheson