Job Description Templates

A volunteer is more likely to take on a role if they know what they’re going to be asked to do. It’s also going to be easier to make sure that the essential tasks involved in running the club are covered, if you have them documented. These role descriptions (updated May 2017) also help identify whether the post-holder is required to be a member of the PVG Scheme.

01st Mar 12

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Important notes on editing

Templates 1-6 have been approved by VSDS for use with PVG applications, and the job/role title is used in the application to join the PVG Scheme. You should edit the title only to include your club name, and you should edit the "responsible to" section as appropriate. You may edit the "Duration/Frequency", but you must NOT change the role title or the description of tasks.  In some cases the differences are subtle, eg. if the post-holder is a parent of a child in the group. See below for further guidance on distinction between different coach roles.

For the remainder of the templates, you may edit them as you wish, but if you delete duties, you should think carefully about who is going to do those jobs. Don't merge templates; if someone is doing several roles, give them several role descriptions (and encourage them to spread the load!).

The templates

  1. Job Description Club Child Protection Officer
  2. Job Description Club Lead Coach
  3. Job Description Club Junior Coach
  4. Job Description Junior Squad Helper
  5. Job Description Parent Helper Supervising Children
  6. Job Description Volunteer Assistant Coach
  7. Role description Club Chair/President
  8. Role description Club Secretary
  9. Role description Club Treasurer
  10. Role description Volunteer Manager
  11. Role description Equipment Officer
  12. Role description Mapping Co-ordinator
  13. Role description IT Co-ordinator
  14. Role description Membership Secretary
  15. Role description Events Co-ordinator
  16. Role description Communications Manager
  17. Role description Club Captain
  18. Role description Schools Liaison Officer

For coaches, the matrix of club roles is intended to assist you in identifying the appropriate role description.  Please note the term "Club Junior Coach" means a coach of juniors.  

A coach whose normal role does not involve coaching children ("Club Coach") is not required to join the PVG Scheme, and this should be clear from their job description.  You are recommended to use this template.  Someone supervising a person who is doing "regulated work" (ie. required to be a member of PVG Scheme) must themselves be a member.  In most clubs the Lead Coach will therefore need to be a member of PVG Scheme.

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by Hilary Quick