Introducing Orienteering - New Course for Teachers

We are proud to announce a new course for teachers, outdoor centre instructors, youth leaders and anyone interested in introducing orienteering to young people.  We’ve taken the best bits of the “Teaching Orienteering” course that we’ve been delivering for several years, made them even better, and made them more relevant to Scotland.  The result is a superb day of enjoyable, active learning experience, and a set of resources that you can use immediately for a series of progressive sessions.  No prior knowledge is required.

20th Feb 17

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On the course you will learn how to introduce the basic skills of orienteering through indoor and outdoor activities, and how to bring a variety of subjects to life through the medium of orienteering.  As well as offering the incentive for significant physical activity, orienteering offers links with many areas of the curriculum which are of genuine interest to young people:

  • environmental awareness
  • spatial awareness
  • mathematical calculations
  • ITC
  • language skills – learning new languages and developing existing communication skills
  • team work
  • planning
  • problem solving
  • independence and self confidence

The full course is best delivered as a single 6-hour day, but we can split it into shorter sessions if that suits your timetable better.  We can also provide an extended (2-day) course in which you will also learn how to take the orienteering beyond the confines of school or centre grounds.  We pride ourselves on adjusting the scope to meet the needs of attendees.

Courses are taught by our qualified, experienced and enthusiastic tutors, at various locations throughout Scotland, often on “in-service” days.  Although we schedule some dates well in advance, we’re always happy to add more!  Please e-mail  if you’d like a course near you.

Fees start at £49 per person (based on 14 people on a single invoice);  the standard fee for the one-day course is £70 per person, with generous discounts for groups on the same invoice on a course that you host.  Please ask for details of pricing for split courses.

Dates of courses currently scheduled are on our general course schedule.

This information is available in printable format via the link below.

Downloadable Documents

Introducing Orienteering leaflet 2017
single page IntrO leaflet

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by Hilary Quick