Guidance on Access and Forestry Operations

The Forestry Commission have issued a new Practice Note entitled “Managing woodland access and forest operations in Scotland” (FCPN104).  This Practice Note is aimed at landowners and managers, forestry practitioners and operators, access authorities and recreation bodies.  It sets out clear steps to achieve compliance with health and safety legislation and land access obligations.

19th Nov 13

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Forests and woodlands bring wide-ranging and diverse benefits to people in Scotland. They are ideal places for people of all ages to participate in leisure, recreation and sports. However, forests are also workplaces. Forestry is an important part of the rural economy, and the production of timber provides revenue for landowners and jobs for the forestry sector and related businesses. Harvesting and haulage operations have been expanding over the past few years, as the forests that were established last century reach maturity, and so the need to balance woodland access with the need for safety during forest operations has never been more important. This is both to comply with health and safety legislation and fulfil land access obligations. Managing woodland access and forest operations is a pragmatic and practical process, involving land managers and access authorities, so that forest operations can take place safely, with minimal disruption to public access and recreational users.
This new Practice Note is available to download from the Forestry Commission website.

Photo of authorPosted on 19th Nov 13
by Colin Matheson