Great results at WOC 2017

Team GB and its Scots members are having an excellent competition at the World Orienteering Competition in Estonia.

07th Jul 17

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Scottish athletes or those based in Scotland are really doing us proud at WOC this year! 

At the sprint individual race on 1st July:

  • Jo Shepherd came in 30th
  • Chris Smithard, Club Development Officer for FVO, came in 14th 

The sprint relay on 2nd July:

  • Tessa Strain, based in Scotland, was part of the team finishing 6th and earned a podium place

At the long race on 4th July, we had four particularly excellent results from Scottish athletes:

  • Hollie Orr 16th
  • Jess Tullie 17th
  • Alan Cherry 25th
  • Jonny Crickmore, based in Scotland at Heriot Watt University, came in 32nd

The middle race on 6th July:

  • Jess Tullie 15th
  • Jo Shepherd 18th
  • Hollie Orr 32nd

Forest relay results to come...

Inspiring work from all athletes - some coming in the best 20 in the world! Congratulations!

Photo of authorPosted on 07th Jul 17
by Sarah Hobbs