Future LiDAR coverage

LiDAR data provided through an agreement with Sportscotland and the Scottish Government has proved invaluable for orienteering mapping.  Future free data is currently looking unlikely, but the SOA is currently evaluating the costs of acquiring further data at commercial rates.  Clubs are asked to contact Colin Matheson (Events Manager) with details of areas they might like to consider for future LiDAR coverage.

04th Apr 17

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The cost per square kilometre is likely to drop the greater the area coverage.  For Strathearn 2019, the next Scottish 6 Days, we will almost certainly look to have LiDAR data capture.  If aerial survey companies are already flying missions the additional cost of data capture can be reduced.  For Highland 2015 the cost of acquisition for 40 square kilometres was £125 per square kilometre (Digital Terrain Model plus Digital Surface Model).  A recent quote for similar coverage was £550 per square kilometre!  If time is not of the essence and clubs have flexibility on dates it is hoped that something like the former figure can be achieved.  Marked-up maps showing preferences and priorities should be sent to   Note that the SOA is unlikely to be able to financially support many mapping projects and alternative funding sources and/or club funds will be required.

Photo of authorPosted on 04th Apr 17
by Colin Matheson