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British Orienteering will shortly be announcing the “Find Your Way to Orienteering” scheme, which is intended to give newcomers a clear pathway into the sport and an easily understood source of information.  As the SOA has been heavily involved in developing this scheme, we can offer a preview of what the scheme offers and requires, so clubs can firm up their plans.

14th Jul 15

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The main aim of the FYWTO scheme is to provide a clear pathway into the sport for newcomers.  Naturally, much of the impetus for this has come from WOC and the expectation of significantly increased interest in orienteering.  (Please note this page is particularly worded for Scottish clubs, though the scheme will be open to all clubs affiliated to British Orienteering.)

Participating clubs (individually or working with neighbouring clubs) will offer a block of 4-6 introductory, weekly sessions - for children, adults or both.  These introductory sessions will feed into a regular series of opportunities to continue orienteering locally.  This might be coaching, training, racing or a mixture, and it might be weekly, fortnightly or monthly – so long as it’s regular and comprises at least 6 events or activities. Many clubs are already running this kind of regular activity.

A simple listing on the British Orienteering website will help newcomers find sessions near them.

Newcomers who join under the scheme during the period August – October 2015 will have their British Orienteering and SOA membership run until the end of December 2016, provided they join via the club, using printed forms.  Clubs must mention “FYWTO” when sending those forms to British Orienteering.

To participate in the scheme, clubs must inform British Orienteering, providing detail of dates, time and place for their introductory sessions and information about the follow-on regular orienteering.  See below for downloadable form.

We have made the scheme as flexible as possible within those parameters – structured introductory sessions and regular local activity.  A raft of supporting resources and information is available from the SOA Coaches' page and via the links below.

Ideally the introductory sessions should be led by a qualified coach, but we can confirm that a British Orienteering member who is already an organiser, planner or controller will be covered by British Orienteering’s insurance to provide guidance on the basics.  The introductory sessions should be registered as normal, as club activities.  The follow-on orienteering opportunities should also be registered as normal, as events or club activities as appropriate.  Risk assessments must be completed as normal for all sessions.

We recommend that you charge a fee for the block of introductory sessions that includes membership of British Orienteering, SOA and the club, as well as the cost of the coaching sessions and maps.  Participants who sign up (and pay) up front are much more likely to be committed to the block of sessions.  


Downloadable Documents

Guidance on introductory sessions
Some ideas for sessions

Guidance on regular follow-on sessions
Ideas for varied club activities

Form for club to register eligible FYWTO sessions

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