ESOC Sprint-O 2018 incorporating SOUL 2

Broxburn and Uphall - Sun 4th Feb 2018

The ESOC Sprint-O is a two-race competition. Your time from the first race, the Prologue, determines your starting position for the second race, the Chase. The first past the post in the Chase wins the competition. 

23rd Jan 18

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MAP: Broxburn and Uphall is a newly mapped area.  This will be the first orienteering competition to be held there based on this new map.  Both races will be linked to the same event centre although not necessarily on the same part(s) of the area.

SOUL AND BRITISH ORIENTEERING RANKING POINTS: This competition will incorporate SOUL 2 (Scottish Orienteering Urban League race 2).   SOUL points and British Orienteering ranking points will be awarded for competitors' times from the first race (Prologue) only.  Note however that it is a single entry for both races.

ENTRY DETAILS: Pre-entry is required and is via Fabian4.

Pre-entries will be cheaper if made before midnight on Sunday 28th January.  After that you can still pre-enter up to midnight on Thursday 1st February with a supplement.  There MAY be very limited entry on the day (EOD) but with a higher supplement.  If you have no alternative but to EOD please check this website which will be updated on the evening of Saturday 3rd with map availability.   

SI Air (SIAC) will be used and these will be available via the pre-entry system for hire. 

MORE DETAILS: See the ESOC website.

Photo of authorPosted on 23rd Jan 18
by Robin Strain