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How to stay informed about orienteering in Scotland

Our recent member survey results made it clear we could do much more with email in our communications. Since we established this, we have been working hard to introduce a solution. We are therefore pleased to say that we are now able to offer a few options.

25th Aug 16

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  • Weekly news (latest website news, including upcoming fixtures)
  • Monthly news (selected website news, plus other updates)
  • A dedicated coaching-focused newsletter, which will be published when there is an appropriate amount of content

You can now choose the frequency and which emails you receive by changing your preferences, at the bottom of email newsletters. There may also be occasional official communications by email, as appropriate.

These email communications are designed to complement our website (our communications hub), SCORE quarterly magazine, and social media posts. As well as general news, they will include information on upcoming key events and races.

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We hope you find this a useful enhancement to our communications. If you have any feedback at all (positive or negative!), please send to Nick Barr at 

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Photo of authorPosted on 25th Aug 16
by Nick Barr