EGM Minutes

Thank you to all the members in attendance at our EGM on 22nd September and for those that submitted proxy votes. 


Proposal of increase in SOA fees was removed by the SOA Board of Directors prior to the EGM vote to allow for further discussion. 

28th Sep 18

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Scottish Orienteering Association EGM 

22nd September 2018, Forestry Commission Classroom, Kinnoull Hill, Perth. 

The EGM started on conclusion of the Volunteers Day hosted by SOA. 

Present: Anne Hickling, Pauline McAdam, Rona Lindsay, Roger Scrutton, Stephen Moffat, Steve Scott, Terry O’Brien
Minutes: Fiona Keir (SOA COO)

Apologies: Hilary Quick, Alison Lunn (sportscotland), Ben Hartman Nick Barr, Richard Oxlade

Proxy Votes received: 14

1. AGM Minutes from May 2018 approved. Proposed Stephen Moffat, seconded by Roger Scrutton

2. SOA 2017 Accounts approved by majority.  
Roger Scrutton wishes to express appreciation of the time and energy that had been put in by volunteer President, Richard Oxlade, Independent Auditor, Brian Miller and by Membership & Marketing Officer, Sarah Hobbs to ensure accounts were prepared for Companies House and OSCR. 

3. Ben Hartman was approved unanimously to be appointed Finance Director with immediate effect.

4. Anne Hickling announced prior to vote that the SOA Board of Directors had requested the removal of the Proposal for Fee Increase. It was felt that the proposal, originally put forward at the AGM and deferred to the EGM in 2018, should warrant further discussion by the Board of Directors. Given the changes of a number of Directors in May, the Board have only sat once and it was felt they should give the increase in fees due consideration and reasonable discussion prior to bringing any vote to the membership. 
Rona Lindsay and Steve Scott both commented on the need for disclosure of information to members surrounding any fee increase proposal in the future to clearly illustrate the need for an increase of fees and what any funds raised by the SOA would be spent on. 

There was some discussion on the SOA membership and a request for SOA to look into the possibility of event insurance for its members. It was suggested that clarification is provided on the level of event which SOA members would be covered to organise and take on responsibilities, it was felt it was ‘implicit that the members would be covered at levels C&D currently’, if this is not the case a clear note to members should be issued. 

It was additionally raised that there should be some cross reference with BOF about Event Safety Workshop attendance.  

Fiona Keir stressed to clubs that SOA welcomes any communication from clubs. SOA would actively encourage members to get in touch either through the RDOs or direct with the National Orienteering Centre at Glenmore Lodge to raise any queries or provie feedback at any time. 

Meeting concluded with thanks for those in attendance and those that submitted proxy votes. 

Posted on 28th Sep 18
by Fiona Keir