EGM Booklet

The EGM booklet and latest versions of the SOA Articles & Bye-Laws

Thank you to our members who responded to our amended Articles of Association and Bye-Laws. We listened to your remarks and have made further improvements. 

Also attached is the EGM booklet. 

31st Aug 17

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We have received a few comments from members on changes to the Articles and made appropriate further amendments. 

These further amendements include

- the removal of penalty charges on members who fail to pay their membership fee,

- the removal of the clause that disqualifies a Board member who acquires a
family connection with another Board member or member of Staff,

- and the inclusion of clubs as Members who are liable to pay up to £1 to the Company's assets if the Company should be wound up.

Downloadable Documents

EGM 2017 Booklet

Articles of Association - final revision before EG

SOA Bye Laws

Posted on 31st Aug 17
by Stef Lauer