East of Scotland Individual Championships

Upcoming event will be hosted by EUOC on Sunday 19th November at Riccarton, in conjunction with SoSOL7. Entries now open on Fabian4.

19th Oct 17

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Entries are now open on Fabian4 for this event, which will be held on Sunday 19th November at Riccarton (Heriot-Watt University), Currie, hosted by Edinburgh University OC in conjunction with SoSOL7. 
The event is (of course) open to all, but to be eligible for a trophy, competitors must be a member of an ESOA Club (ELO, ESOC, EUOC, INT, KFO, RR, TAY) and run the colour-coded course according to the attached chart, below. Please would last year's winners polish up the trophies and have them ready for presentation at the event.
Janet Clark (ESOA Treasurer and Trophy-custodian)

0131 225 7771

Downloadable Documents

ESOA colour course chart

Photo of authorPosted on 19th Oct 17
by Sarah Hobbs