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We are saddened to have to report the death of Dave Prentice, long-time member of TAY.  Dave died while hiking in Uganda, after suffering breathing difficulties.  Dave will be missed for everything he brought to orienteering, his enthusiasm and ideas, his contribution to mapping as well as his long-term involvement with schools. More on the TAY website
Dave’s funeral took place on Monday February 9th at Perth Crematorium which was packed with many of his family and friends, including large numbers of orienteers from TAY and beyond.

04th Feb 15

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Colin Matheson comments: Dave was one of the first people I met when I joined the SOA – somehow I found myself taking over as Co-ordinator of JK2012 while Dave took frequent trips out to Uganda. He was absolutely enthusiastic in everything he did, and over the last few years we had many discussions over his latest plans for developing new areas, his protracted discussions with landowners, making new maps or discussing our mutual enthusiasm for mountain marathons. The last time I saw Dave was at the OMM in 2014, just managing to get ahead of him and his long term MM partner Trevor Smith. They had the satisfaction of beating us overall with their considerable Veterans’ Handicap. Dave had entered 39 KIMMs/OMMs, started 36 and finished 33. He was looking forward to entering his 40th this year and to add more anecdotes about flooded tents, poor route choices and attempts to go out of the way for high scoring controls. Our thoughts are with Dave’s family.

SOA President Roger Scrutton comments:  A decade or so ago, Dave secured funding to make a map of the grounds of just about every primary school in Perth & Kinross, and that has been the foundation of the  incredibly successful annual schools festival, which comprises a number of heats out and about across P&K and then a final at a central location.  The event is a Score event for teams of three pupils.  In 2014 Dave asked me if I would come along to Scone Palace to present a memento to the 10,000th participant in the festival.  I think there were 100 teams of three at this final and what a heart-warming sight it was to see them scattered across the Scone Palace grorunds working in their teams,map reading, communicating, decision making and then runnint to the controls.  That is a fantastic legacy for school pupils in Perth & Kinross.

Dave had devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to the event and put it firmly on the map, and had handed over organisation of it to Perth & Kinross Sports Development team.  It was a mystery to Dave the P&K Council why all the schools activity yielded so few, if any, new members of the TAY club.  This is a problem we all face, and as an indication of our appreciation of all the volunteer work people like Dave have done with schools we must continue to find a way to solve it.


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