Club affiliation

Guidance for clubs wishing to affiliate to SOA

This page summarises the process by which a club can become affiliated to the Scottish Orienteering Association.

01st Jan 15

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The SOA is affiliated to British Orienteering;  clubs should affiliate to British Orienteering as well as SOA.  SOA does not charge a fee for clubs to affiliate, though British Orienteering does charge a modest fee.  Once the club is affiliated, individuals should join as members of the club, SOA and British Orienteering in one step, via the British Orienteering website.

To become affiliated, a club must supply:

  1. an application letter addressed to the SOA President
  2. constitution
  3. names of club President (or Chair), Secretary and Treasurer
  4. statement confirming that the club will abide by the Articles and Bye-Laws of the Scottish Orienteering Association, and British Orienteering's Rules of Orienteering.

If you require a sample constitution or other support, please contact the SOA Development Officer, Hilary Quick, via the Contacts page.

Photo of authorPosted on 01st Jan 15
by Hilary Quick