British Orienteering membership and levies proposal

British Orienteering have issued their proposals for a revised membership and levies model. I would like to urge all Scottish members and clubs to read them and provide feedback to BOF on these proposals.
A revised proposal has now been published, so check that first.

28th Feb 12

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It would be very helpful if the feedback could be copied to me at {encode="" title=""} so that I can get a feel for the direction in which opinion is going.

The general principles at BOF seem to be to simplify the levy and membership systems and to make BOF membership cheaper but leave overall income to BOF more-or-less level. They make the point that there is still flexibility at club and association level to "fine tune" fees locally. They have been aware of a widespread call for cheap local membership (something like club only or club+association only) but the fact that this is not mentioned suggests that they do not keen to promote this kind of membership in the sport.

So, important questions for many of us are, do these proposals go far enough and will they encourage increased pariticipation and membership?  I have already sent some preliminary feedback to BOF to point out that the proposals do not specifically address the club only or club+association only membership issue and asked that this issue is directly addressed within the proposals.

There is already an extensive debate running on the Nopesport forums that you should also read to see other opinions etc.

Photo of authorPosted on 28th Feb 12
by Roger Scrutton