Andrew Hewat

Andrew Hewat, Roxburgh Reivers, passed away on Christmas Eve after several weeks in hospital battling first a broken hip then a blood infection.

02nd Jan 15

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Andrew was “Mr Outdoor Education” in the Scottish Borders and he was keen on several sports (rugby for Melrose RFC as well as the South and West of Scotland teams, skiing and canoeing to name a few) but orienteering was his favourite and together with Bob Climie and Alex Taylor they founded Roxburgh Reivers in 1969.  With access to sufficient finances and the Council map data Andrew was responsible for drawing many of the local maps in the 1970’s and 80’s. He was also ahead of his time in mapping many of the larger Borders towns for “street-o” which were drawn for use by local schools but which the club also used for winter evening events.  As a result of his endeavours we enjoyed regular events with a healthy turnout of schoolchildren and adults.

Andrew was meticulous in everything he did and also generous with his time, surely the sign of a good teacher.  Mistakes on maps and controls in the wrong place just didn’t happen if Andrew had a hand in it, so in a way we were spoiled.  Sadly Andrew had to take early retirement due to a chronic fatigue illness and he gradually wound down his orienteering activities but still took a keen interest in the club and would appear at occasional events with his grandchildren.  His large garden kept him busy as well as supporting his wife Meg with her carriage driving.

We talk about people leaving a legacy and Andrew was certainly one of those people – a stock of maps for us all to enjoy and a generation of pupils who experienced quality outdoor education, including myself and several other current RR members.

Our thoughts are with Meg, and David and Janey and their families at this sad time.  Andrew wished a private funeral with no memorial service but I’m sure that Meg would welcome individual messages and if you email Lindsey Knox at she can supply her address.

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